Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and well-known of all plastic surgeries. You probably already know how they work in a very basic way: they increase breast size, usually via an implant. You may be less aware that fat transfer-based procedures are also a safe and viable option for smaller changes. The surgery can be for strictly cosmetic purposes to help women look more fabulous and feel more confident, or as part of breast reconstruction procedures.

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How Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Work?

As mentioned above, breasts can be enlarged through saline or silicone implants, as well as the patient’s own body fat. For those who feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with their breast size, breast augmentation can boost a woman’s body image and overall confidence. This is true not only for women who would like a larger bust size but also for those who are concerned when its volume or shape is affected by age, pregnancy, or other factors.

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Patient Information

Can breast augmentation address sagging breasts and other non-size issues?
Not really. Augmentation is primarily about size. Sagging is dealt with through a breast lift. While this is a completely different procedure from breast augmentation, the two are often obtained together and laypeople may refer to both procedures as simply “a boob job.” Regardless of the confusion, combining the two surgeries can often make a very dramatic difference.
What’s the difference in terms of outcomes between breast implants and fat transfer?
You probably have some idea that breast implants are shells filled either with sterile salt water (saline solution) or silicone gel. A plastic surgeon will place it either under or over the breast muscle and tissue through an incision. In a fat transfer procedure, liposuction is first used to extract unwanted fat from another part of the patient’s body. The extracted fat is then sterilized before it is injected back into the breasts.

Implants are the better known and more popular option because they allow for more dramatic outcomes. Fat-transfer techniques are attractive and patients agree that they look and feel very natural, but they can only enlarge the breasts by about one cup size. Therefore, they are obtained by women who are happy with a more subtle increase in the volume of their breasts.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery?
Candidates for a breast augmentation procedure should be in good health and not currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Patients should also have realistic expectations about the results the procedure is capable of achieving — and should remember that this surgery by itself improves volume and horizontal projection, but not lift. As mentioned above, adding a breast lift to an augmentation surgery can address both issues.

Breast Augmentation with Huntington Plastic Surgery Institute

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