Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery in Pasadena provides patients with a more toned and attractive upper arm by removing excess fat and skin from between the armpit and elbow while tightening the remaining skin.
At Huntington Plastic Surgery Institute, our team of board-certified plastic surgeons and experienced medical professionals provide our patients with procedures like arm lift surgery that look both flattering and natural. Since no two patients are ever exactly alike, each procedure is personalized to best suit the needs of the patient.

Why Arm Tightening Surgery?

Arm tightening surgery (brachioplasty) targets the upper arm by removing excess fat and skin for a more toned and youthful appearance.
The procedure addresses a common complaint faced by people of all genders. Sagging skin on the upper arms can develop from several causes, including genetics, aging, and significant weight loss. The weakening of the skin’s elasticity can also make the undersides of the upper arms appear loose. Although a good exercise regimen can help with strengthening and toning of the muscles, it cannot correct the loss of elasticity – and that’s where brachioplasty comes in.

Patient Information

Am I a good candidate for arm lift surgery?
Candidates for arm lift surgery should be in good health and at a stable weight.

If you experience frequent changes in your weight, are in the process of losing weight, or are currently dealing with obesity, brachioplasty may not be a good fit until a healthy and stable weight can be achieved. Patients interested in receiving arm tightening surgery should also have realistic expectations. The procedure, though very safe, may result in some scarring and results will inevitably vary from patient to patient.

Because every individual’s case is different, we encourage you to set up a plastic surgery consultation to see if an arm lift procedure is right for you.

What is the process for getting arm lift surgery?

Arm lift surgery is completed either under general anesthesia or sedation with local anesthesia. After incisions are made on the underside of the arms, the surgeon tightens the underlying tissues and removes excess fat from the area. Excess skin is also removed and then reshaped to fit the new contours. When the procedure is completed, the incisions are closed with stitches.

What is the recovery process like?
Patients may need to wear small drainage tubes for a few days following surgery to prevent excess fluid buildup. Individuals may also be required to wear a compression sleeve to minimize swelling.

Arm lift surgery patients can often expect to return to work or school after about two weeks. For best results, patients should avoid raising their arms past their shoulder for at least three weeks or performing any strenuous physical activity for eight weeks after the procedure.

Get Started on Arm Lift Surgery

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